Sweet mint beard oil

30 ml / 1 oz

13,00 €

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NOTES Peppermint, Vanilla

sweet mint beard oil
13,00 €
30 ml / 1 oz
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Italianbeard Beard Oil is a blend of 3 oils that work in unison to nourish, replenish, repair and sooth skin and hair. Beard Oil is a leave in conditioner that is best used daily, fresh out of the shower for best results. Beard Oil contains multi-vitamins and antioxidants. The oils prevent itchiness. They moisturise, soften and promote healthy skin and hair.

Sweet Mint is a scent with mint and vanilla for a smooth and delicious flavor. Trust us when we say it just works. A combination that is rich, sweet, and utterly refreshing.

Pour 5-6 drops into your hand and apply on your beard and skin.


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