Pure beard oil

30 ml / 1 oz

13,00 €

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NOTES Fragrance free

pure beard oil
13,00 €
30 ml / 1 oz
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Italianbeard Beard Oil is a blend of 3 oils that work in unison to nourish, replenish, repair and sooth skin and hair. Beard Oil is a leave in conditioner that is best used daily, fresh out of the shower for best results. Beard Oil contains multi-vitamins and antioxidants. The oils prevent itchiness. They moisturise, soften and promote healthy skin and hair.

Pure products give you all the same great benefits of using Italianbeard products, but without the fragrance. While the natural oils still provide a slight earthy aroma, it's free from any essential oils.

Pour 5-6 drops into your hand and apply on your beard and skin.


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